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Looking For Your Next Fryer?

What’s so great about BKI fryers? Nothing says quality like BKI! Check out this BKI fryers review and why we think they are the best in the business! If you’re looking to save time and improve the quality and consistency of your food then BKI is a great choice!

How can BKI fryers increase your bottom-line?

One of the biggest thing any store owner looks for in a foodservice program is a quality, consistent product. Whether that’s your fryer or custom blends, you want to sell something that your customers know will always be the same no matter when they come back. That’s why a BKI auto-lift fryer can quickly help your bottom-line. This microprocessor controlled fryer counts down once you put in the product and hit the appropriate button. Now instead of waiting around to bring the food up – which wastes valuable time for your staff – the BKI fryer automatically lifts the product when it’s ready to serve. 

Plus, filtering your oil at a regular basis is the key to producing consistent, tasty food. When you are frying a lot of fish in your custom fish breading, with BKI’s patented “Quick-Disconnect” filtration system you are golden! This system makes sure that you can easily remove the filtration system to change filter bags. Finally, as with all BKI products, they are built to last. Their heavy construction can handle any wear and tear you throw at it. All-in-all, this makes BKI fryers a must for any serious foodservice location or catering business looking to stay ahead of the competition!

BKI ALF-FC Electric Fryer: This large volume, auto lift fryer has a computer control panel and holds up to 14 lb. of product. This 48 lb. oil capacity fryer has a quick disconnect filter system which makes filtering and cleaning your oil a breeze! Get the full details here.

BKI fryers BKI BLF Fryer

BKI BLF-FC Electric Fryer: This extra large volume, auto lift fryer has a  computer control panel and holds up to 18 lb. of product. This 75 lb. oil capacity fryer has quick disconnect filter system which makes filtering and cleaning your oil a breeze! Get the full details here.

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Free Training When You Buy a BKI Fryer From Us!*

One of the biggest perks of working with BKI’s largest equipment distributor, PFSbrands, is that we have outfitted over 3,000 locations already and have decades of experience. Heck, we have an entire division dedicated to selling and serving foodservice equipment and we aren’t going anywhere! We know how to set up your location and train your staff so you can get the best use out of the system.

*That’s why if you buy a BKI fryer and are located in one of our 38 states (contact us for details), we provide exclusively free training! We get you up, running and raking in the revenue in no time! Honestly, you wont find a better price on BKI equipment than PFSbrand and you won’t find better support. That’s why our motto is, “Our Support. Your Success.”

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