Best In Class – BKI Hot Case

Built to last. Built to reduce food waste. Built to improve your revenue… BKI hot cases are the ultimate way to display your food and improve holding time.

Once you start to check into buying a BKI hot case you will see that the advantages are almost endless! For starters, your purchase of a BKI hot case is accompanied by a rock-solid warranty that includes top-notch service and FREE training in many areas of the United States (in 38 states that PFSbrands services)… Makes it a hard deal to pass up!

BKI Hot Cases: Improving your bottom-line

One of the biggest problems that any foodservice location can witness is inconsistent food. One day your food is amazing and the next it’s soggy… That’ll make a customer want to come back for more, right? It’s like a foodservice Russian roulette for them…

You want quality, consistent products every time that customer comes back! This starts at your fryer and ends with your hot case. When it comes to the BKI hot case, it employs ambient, soft lighting for heating your product evenly. The beauty of this is that you can expect up to 4 hours of hold time… Think about that… You can hold your mashed potatoes and gravy for up to 4 hours without it drying completely out and throwing it away quickly. Save money on waste while improving your foods consistency!

To wrap up this bottom-line improving package, PFSbrands is the largest BKI distributor and stocks replacement parts and we ship directly to you. We can get you the best hot case at an unbeatable price and provide the support you need!

Easy Maintenance

So you are serving delicious, consistent food. What else do you need to be mindful of besides friendly employees? It’s cleanliness! That’s why retailers love BKI hot cases so much, they are so simple to clean and maintain! From it’s simple to clean stainless steel construction that cleans with mild soap and water to the curved front glass which lifts to make it simple to access and clean, it doesn’t get much easier! Built to last and built to be easily maintained!

Plus, on the backside of the case – the side you and your employees face – there are easy slide doors that make it simple to load and unload product. Along with the folding poly top table, this combination makes serving your food a breeze. Lastly but definitely not least, the individual well temperatures are controlled by a touch-screen display that helps ensure consistent food. All with the push of a button!

These cases are built for life! Why not work with the best and get the best support from one of the most trusted names in the industry? Especially when you consider our very favorable leasing options

It’s time for you to work with the best! Check out our selection of BKI hot cases!